Managed Services

Primary Consulting Services provides networking support to the small and medium sized businesses that do not have their own IT staff. With over 25 years in the business, we look to develop long term relationships with our clients, often supporting them through multiple generations of computer systems. We get to know our clients and their businesses and provide professional services customized to their particular needs. We offer a broad range of services targeted to this market including:

Prime Tech

What is worse than a broken or slow computer? Time and money wasted from lost productivity!

Every minute counts in today’s business. Do your employees waste time trying resolve their own problems? Are their computers not performing how they should? Is your business vulnerable to the vast array of IT problems which commonly occur in today’s corporate world?

Primary Consulting Services’ Managed Helpdesk service provides the skilled IT resources and domain expertise through a combination of onsite and remote support to keep your desktops and laptops at peak performance.

Prime Sight

A True IT Partnership. Total network peace of mind.Your time is precious. You have more important issues to deal with than your computer network. It is, however, a critical enabler to your business and in need of attention to ensure it’s running predictably, optimally and securely.Our fully managed program is the ideal solution for an organization like yours, an organization that demands the utmost in network reliability and quality service.Program Advantages

  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Business Impact from IT Failures
  • Reduced Network Downtime Through Proactive Maintenance

Prime Protect

What is worse than a Virus? Time and money wasted recovering from one!

Every minute counts in today’s business. Stop wasting your valuable and scarce IT resource time and energy on the selection, testing, planning, deployment, updating and reporting of your Anti-virus software.

Primary Consulting Service’s Managed Anti-Virus service provides the skilled IT resources, domain expertise, centralized monitoring and management facilities, and proactive approach to ensuring the protection of your desktops and laptops against the ever present threat of viruses, spam and malware attacks.

Prime Backup

What would be the cost to your business if you lost your critical data?

Your business data is the lifeblood of your company and the amount you are collecting and storing is growing all the time. Imagine the impact if you lost a day’s data, a week’s data, a year’s data, due to inadequate or infrequent back-up processes. What would happen, could you recover?

A managed backup service from Primary Consulting Services ensures that all files are automatically backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes if needed. And it will likely cost less than your monthly phone bill. So, how much is your data worth?

Prime Mobility

Are your employee’s smartphones an open door to your secure network & critical data?

Mobile computing is becoming an increasingly vital component of every businesses operation. As end user’s access critical business information, communicate with customers, and leverage their mobile device to support their day to day activities, you need to ensure that the same management, security and oversight solutions you rely on for your IT.

Our Managed Mobile Solution is designed to provide enterprise class IT management for mobile devices, at a cost that meets the needs of an SMB.

Prime Secure

Do you have critical or proprietary data on your network? Our managed firewall keeps your network protected.

Keeping your office network protected is critical to ensuring your data, servers and desktops are accessed by the people allowed to use them. Your firewall controls what traffic is allowed in and out of your corporate network.

With businesses operating out of multiple locations and relying on an increasing number of cloud services, controlling what traffic is permitted is constantly changing and maintaining the delicate balance of protecting your data without impeding your employees productivity is one of the most difficult challenges facing modern businesses. Our managed firewall keeps your network protected.

Prime Vault

Do you have multiple locations and remote employees? Our fileserver keeps all your employees working off the same data.

Keeping all of your employees working off the same version of your corporate data is a big problem for business with multiple locations and remote employees. We will provide you with a file server which replicates in real time so that your team doesn’t have to worry about making sure they are all working on the same version of every document or PowerPoint presentation.

Our server provide a fast and reliable solution eliminating the need for backups. We also provide cloud access and secure remote mapped drives so your road warriors have the same experience as your in house employees.

Prime Talk

Do your employees need to communicate in real time with people in other locations or elsewhere in your office?

Our XMPP chat server allows your staff to communicate with each other in real time without relying on third party insecure services. Our your business grows maintain a list of individuals chat names is cumbersome and often outdated or missing employees.

Program Advantages

  • Controlled Costs
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Chat rooms