Prime Secure

Managed Firewall Solution

Do you have critical or proprietary data on your network? Our managed firewall keeps your network protected.

Keeping your office network protected is critical to ensuring your data, servers and desktops are accessed by the people allowed to use them.
Your firewall controls what traffic is allowed in and out of your corporate network. With businesses operating out of multiple locations  and relying on an increasing number of cloud services, controlling what traffic is permitted is constantly changing and maintaining the delicate balance of protecting your data without impeding your employees productivity is one of the most difficult challenges facing modern businesses.

Benefits of Managed Fileserver

  • Controlled Monthly Costs
    Firewalls can be very expensive. Prime Protect allows you to lease your firewall for a fixed monthly fee
  • Website Control
    Many business end up with compromised networks because their employees are accessing infected websites. Additionally, productivity is often lost due to employees spending time on social networking or entertainment websites instead of working.
  • Secure solution for your remote staff
    An SSL or IPSEC VPN allows your employees to work off site without allowing your data to be intercepted by unauthorized parties