Prime Talk

Managed Chat Server

Do your employees need to communicate in real time with  people in other locations or elsewhere in your office?

Our XMPP chat server allows your staff to communicate with each other in real time without relying on third party insecure services. Our your business grows maintain a list of individuals chat names is cumbersome and often outdated or missing employees.

Benefits of Managed Chat Server

  • Controlled Costs 
    Prime Talk is offered as a leased server or it can be purchased as a virtual machine ran on your existing virtualization infrastructure.
  • Active Directory Integration
    The chat server is integrated with your existing Active Directory so that your employees do not need to know each others chat names and instead use each others real names. The names can also be organized by the groups in your directories so it is easy to find the people you need to talk to. You can control which groups are published so that your employees only see the coworkers that they need to see. Since each employee may have unique collaboration needs and our solutions allows each users list to be different and tailored to those needs.
  • Chat rooms 
    Your employees can create chat rooms when they need them allowing for group collaboration and maximized productivity without the need to get everyone into the same physical space.